Sqc Systems

Electronic systems and microcontrollers 100% italian style.

About Sqc Systems

SQC Systems believes in making a difference to the industry by making it safer, efficient, simpler and a pleasure to use.
We stand for value, quality, innovation, fun and a sense of competitive challenge.

Our vision and passion for changing the future of the industry through forward thinking innovation is achieved by, empowering our employees, working closely with our customer and partners, and to simplify technological barriers to deliver unbeatable value and experience.

People are the heart and soul at SQC Systems and we have a diverse team ranging from age, experience and passions.

We encourage development and believe this is why we are able to offer industry leading services and products.

Working with SQC Systems as a partner, customers or even for us enables us to provide solutions and services no one else can.

Our Products

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registered office

Via Claudia Augusta, 17 - 39100 Bolzano, Italy.

VAT Number / Partita Iva: IT 03005440213